Kickstarting a Thrilling Adventure

Greetings, fellow gaming enthusiasts! Today, I am thrilled to share some exciting news about our latest Kickstarter project that promises to take your tabletop gaming experience to new heights!

Over the past year, I have been hard at work, sculpting and designing an astonishing array of 3D-printable miniatures and terrain. What started as a passion project has now evolved into an epic collaboration with the talented team at Creed's Painting. Together, we are set to unveil a universe filled with captivating lore and mind-blowing designs.

Enter the World of Futuristic Fantasy

Our Kickstarter campaign will offer an extensive collection of miniatures that can serve as proxies in almost any futuristic universe. From elite squads with heavy weaponry to awe-inspiring tanks and vehicles, we have carefully crafted each piece with meticulous attention to detail. And that's not all! The scenery is equally impressive, featuring a unique blend of Latino futuristic style - a biome that evolved from once-illegal merchants into a fusion of indigenous influences.


Versatility for All Gaming Styles

Whether you're a seasoned war-gamer or a hobbyist, our campaign has something for everyone. For those with 3D printers, we are providing STL files for miniatures and buildings, all in an easy-to-build format. Meanwhile, for those without printing capabilities, we offer a professionally crafted miniature bundle delivered right to your doorstep.

Unlock the Damocles Legacy

As a testament to our commitment to the community, we have included exclusive rewards for our backers. For those who choose the Lifetime Commercial License, the possibilities are endless. You can utilize our files to create a thriving business, selling 3D-printed miniatures, terrain, and accessories, all within the bounds of our commercial license agreement.

Embrace the Challenges

While we have made significant progress on this project, there are still hurdles to overcome. However, with your continued support, we are confident in delivering an exceptional product that exceeds all expectations. As we finalize the Civil Biome structures and Town Builder tool, your backing will play a pivotal role in shaping our exciting gaming universe.

Unlock the World of Gaming Possibilities

In addition to our current creations, we have exciting plans for the future. From expanding existing biomes to launching new ones, the potential for immersive gameplay is limitless. Furthermore, our game designers are hard at work, crafting rules and scenarios for a thrilling wargame that spans universes and epochs.

Join Us on this Adventure

We owe a debt of gratitude to our incredible backers who have made this journey possible. Your continuous support drives us to push boundaries, explore new frontiers, and create innovative gaming experiences. Together, we embark on this thrilling adventure, where imagination knows no bounds.

Get Ready to Back the Future!

As our Kickstarter campaign launch draws near, we can't wait to share more with you. Stay tuned for updates, sneak peeks, and behind-the-scenes insights. Join us in shaping a universe where gaming dreams become reality. Let's make this Kickstarter an epic success, together!

Until next time, fellow gamers!

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