About us

Passionate about History, Wargame and Strategy since our earliest childhood, our dream has always been to provide our own gaming experience. We started drawing 3D models and reselling in 2019, always keeping in mind that ultimate goal.

You can access our free designs (around 600 hours of work) on this page.

We have also produced a very large collection of terrains designed for immersive games.

Our first range of miniatures is coming soon.

Confronted with the constraints of the designer and the seller. We quickly sought to make STL files that could be printed quickly in good quality and without supports.

Even if at first this reduced our artistic choices, it is now a force that allows us to offer good looking and varied products. While remaining easy to print and therefore inexpensive.

Having acquired a respectable place on the French market, with this site we now come to bring a more lasting experience to our foreign clients.

French youtube chanel tabletopnuts playing with Damocles set of terrain.

At the same time, we continue to work on our own game systems, and existing game mods. We really hope that we can bring this experience in as modern a way as possible, with rules available for free and game support apps.