Return policy?

We apply, the satisfied or refunded. So we do not accept returns. If there is a problem with the order we will refund you, it's easier.

Production time?

In general, articles are produced in series to have stock available and to send orders within 2 to 3 days. However, some items with less sales may take 2 to 3 weeks. It is therefore better to allow one week on average for shipping. Do not hesitate to contact us if your order is urgent, for example for a work commission.

Lost packages?

It sometimes happens that the package is lost, damaged or amputated by the carrier. In these cases we will offer you either a reshipment or a refund.

PLA or Resin?

We mostly use SUNLU PLA+, and good quality resin (arround 50$/L). The FDM printed PLA is printed at 0.2mm / layer (usually 0.1 for high quality) and is cheaper than Resin (0.05mm/layer). We strongly advise you to choose Resin printed article to get the best quality on small details. But in most case PLA gives a good enough tabletop experience. 

Resin miniatures?

The resin printed miniatures are now very suitable for tabletop games. The evolution of technology has made possible to have a quality that is far superior to failcasting, although still inferior to last generation plastic injection.

The miniatures that we print are full to avoid all the problems that could cause non-solidified resin inside.

We try to harden the miniatures enough but not too hard to keep them easy to rework / customize. We remove the vast majority of supports, but a small part may remain, especially on small, very thin parts.

Once you have received your figurines run them in hot water and trim them before exposing them to the sun for a few minutes. Usually these steps are optional but they only take a few minutes. If some parts are slightly bent, run them in hot water and you can straighten them easily.

Then make sure you have a very strong glue to assemble them, or use milliput/greenstuff in addition at the intersections. The best glue is GW's. Unlike plastic, the parts must be tightened very hard for at least 20 seconds. The best method is to use a thin layer of greenstuff at the intersections; the green stuff sticks well to the resin and sticks well so it solves the problem.

We often add a number of miniatures to large lots (around 20%). And sometimes in addition, broken but repairable miniatures as a bonus. Our pricing policy does not allow us to have perfect quality control, so we prefer to add a little content to compensate in case of problem on a miniature. However do not hesitate to contact us in case, we will resend the damaged miniatures as soon as possible.


We take into account customization requests. Some of our articles are also intended for this purpose. However, we do not already have the time to complete all our projects, so we do not accept modeling requests for strictly personal projects.

Team and synergy?

As the project grows, the team widens and specializes. Everyone remains very free and brings their specific know-how. We would prefer to share the profits if we can provide you with better service in return. And we still have a lot of projects in the pipeline, which will require new skills.

Current collaborations?

We are currently working with several French YouTubers, who give us the benefit of their feedback and their audience. In the coming months we will be offering our services to other English speaking wargame channels. In particular our game accessories are a real asset for the readability of online battle reports. Working with other artists in 3D modeling is also one of our goals. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have skills in this area and want to participate in the development of the world of Damocles, or  if you have a YouTube channel project, and want a free set to get started.

Product positioning?

We offer 2 types of products. STL files and physical products.

For STLs we design files that are fun and quick to print, easy to market, and fun to play. This poses a lot of constraints during the design, where we could much more easily create files much longer and complex to print and complicated to use in game. Conversely our files are designed so as to bring a lot of variety, minimize failures printing, and therefore reduce costs, Keeping the fun in the game.

The advantage of this type of design is that it allows mass production of items that are easy to store and ship, at a reasonable price. This makes it possible to maintain a good balance between immersion, playability, and value for money.

Free content?

Initially we only offered free content. We have chained partnerships with clubs and hundreds of hours of modeling for creative common content. It was extremely exciting and we will continue to do so. But this is not viable in the perspective of a sustainable evolution. Do not hesitate to visit our thingiverse page, you should already have enough to print several months.

Current projects?

The next project to be released in Kickstarter will be a WTC table with the different biomes from the previous Kickstarter. A large part of the Necro sets are already ready and may be in the KS following this one. At the same time the files for Myriam's Dark Eldars are also very advanced. There are 4 land projects that will be released in Kickstarter with several construction options (ITC, WTC, Modular, Simplified Modular) along with hundreds of databases and assets.

In addition to the lands, we would like to offer a Patreon of miniatures related to the prososed environment in Kicksarter. With the objective of gradually completing the armies of the world of Damocles.

At the same time we want to advance the rules and the application of our own wargamme. As well as the lore of Damocles to offer you a complete gaming experience by 2022.

Universe of Damocles?

Damocles is an isolated planet where traditions in perdition and an apocalyptic grimdark atmosphere blend together. Like its inhabitants, its history is complex and deep. We are going to unveil his universe little by little in this series of articles.