Space Elves - Bone Mage V1

Space Elves - Bone Mage V1

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Printed in full unhollowed resin.
Good quality resin (50USD/kg).

Scale 32mm.

Modular kit for greater variety.

These models were made by drunkmag0scellar and are sold under license.

The Space Elves, known for their grace, speed, and unparalleled skill in combat, are an enigmatic race that roam the stars.
They are ancient, wise, and possess advanced technology, which they use to their advantage in battle.
Their ships, crafted from the finest materials, are the envy of all other races, and their weapons are said to be imbued with magic.

The Space Elves are led by their powerful psykers who can foresee the future and manipulate the strands of fate to their advantage.
Their armies are composed of squads of citizen warriors, who are armed with a variety of high-tech weapons and armor. These soldiers are swift and agile, able to move quickly across the battlefield and outmaneuver their enemies.

The Space Elves also have access to elite Warriors, soldiers who specialize in a particular aspect of combat.
These warriors are accompanied by powerful Drone constructs, which are giant machines animated by the souls of fallen Space Elves.
These machines are devastating in combat, able to crush enemy forces with ease.

The Space Elves also possess a deep connection to the Warp, and are able to use it to their advantage in battle.
Their psychic abilities are second to none, and they are able to manipulate the very fabric of reality itself.
They are also able to teleport across the battlefield, appearing seemingly out of nowhere to take their enemies by surprise.

Despite their many strengths, the Space Elves are not invincible. They are a small and dwindling race, and their numbers are few.
They are also prone to hubris, and their arrogance has led to their downfall on more than one occasion.
Nonetheless, the Space Elves remain a force to be reckoned with, and those who face them in battle do so with fear and respect in equal measure.