Fukai Tortured Forest

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An impregnable and aggressive forest gradually invades the world of Damocles. Appeared after the bacteriological bombardments towards the end of the wars of the invasion, its trees linked by a collective intelligence attack those who approach and some can even shoot down a battle tank. The different factions are too busy fighting, they only try to reduce it when it threatens the survival of their states. So far, no eradication attempt has been successful. However it does not seem to be the enemy of all. The reprobate mutants of the mountains, descendants of the last traditionalist clans consider it both as a refuge and as the weapon of their revenge.

I have put the royalty free stl files on our thingiverse page.
The files are designed as a base of impressive and very varied sets (more than a hundred references) for makers who start their business. Do not hesitate to print them and resell them, that is the goal. Don't forget to add the credits or a link to the thingiverse articles. If you edit the files, which is strongly encouraged, upload your versions for free for the whole community to enjoy.

I start from the excelent work of AxoloteGaming and onebitpixel.
Take a look and support them, they are great!
I'll be glad if I can work on something with them someday.

Too large for thingiverse, here is the google drive link to download all sets and the catalog.

I've got a lot of fun remixing them while learning remixing. I spent more than 500h on them. I could not stop trying new things, And I've only done half what I wanted to. Once I got more free time I'll add more content. Post me what you want to see in the next set.

I made them to be printed as cheap as possible 0.8/1.2 shell 3 or 5% infill.

Most of them can be printed without support. I tested allmost all of them. Let me know if you have an issue I'll try to fix it asp. Just check the first layer to be sure it's ok before start printing.

The minis are only here for scale purpose.

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