Dark city of Myriam, part 2

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Welcome to the "Dark City of Myriam" latepledge ! We're excited to introduce our latest collection of 3D printable (.STL) models, featuring modular and WTC Building themed Dark Eldar Drow Dark Steampunk Space Elves.

With x30 modular structures that are printable in PLA and walls that can be printed in resin, you'll have everything you need to build an entire elf dark city with this system. But that's not all - as a bonus, you'll also receive over 100 ruined structures to add even more depth and detail to your city.

Our WTC official terrain is also printable in PLA, and it includes easy-to-build ruined buildings for competitive wargaming, as well as other scenery such as containers and pillar forests. We've even included bases, accessories, and some miniatures to bring your dark city to life.

Whether you're a tabletop wargamer, RPG enthusiast, or simply love the world of Dark Eldar Drow Dark Steampunk Space Elves, this campaign has something for everyone. And with the ability to print these structures yourself, you can customize and create to your heart's content.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring the "Dark City of Myriam" to life - pledge now and join us on this exciting adventure!

The commercial license allows you to use all renderings made for this Kickstarter for commercial purposes (including those made after the end of the Kickstarter). Please include a link to the Kickstarter campaign in your articles.

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