Damocles Modular Buildings part2

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Link to the kickstarter.

Here is your ultimate modular building set in a grimdark/steampunk atmosphere.

Choose between thousands of variations to make exactly the building you want.
With flatbed printing for supportless quick, cost effective, and quality printing.

x28 Shapes of modular buildings around 1400 files.

x1 Set of digged bases around 1200 files.

x4 Objective zones.

x3 40mm objective token.

x4 Wound trackers.

x1 Barrel

x2 Boxes

x2 Industrial vent

x1 Tank

WTC buildings around 120 files.

x1 Barrel

x2 Boxes

x1 Tank

WTC buildings.

21 Shapes of modular buildings around 1500 files.

2 Set of digged bases around 300 files.

Terrain (boxes, barrel, container, stones, tank, trees) and objective zones.

WTC buildings.

Download the construction guide here

The commercial license allows you to use all renderings made for this Kickstarter for commercial purposes (including those made after the end of the Kickstarter). Please include a link to the Damocles Kickstarter campaign in your articles.

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