The Cinan project

Hi all!

It's been a long time since I've written on this blog. And many projects have progressed since then. 

I was finally able to finish the Cinan project, with its WTC part, modular buildings and especially for the first time miniatures.
I think I was going with an unpopular theme, namely Egyptian-inspired Aliens. Plus robotic beastmen. Added to the fact that I lack experience in creating 3D models, the success was not total.

But in reality, I do this above all out of passion. And this faction is very important for the genesis of the lore of the universe of Damocles. So I really liked this campaign and the 250 hours spent on it was most exciting.

I realize that I will sometimes have to make concessions and produce more conventional and more profitable sets. But I think I'll never stop creating things that I'm passionate about even if the audience is minimal. And in reality it is still there that I progress the most.

What is holding me back is that I have just moved to Tokyo. And I have to buy all my equipment, 3D printers, resin, PLA etc... and redo all the settings.

I'm really looking forward to being able to start my Patreon/Tribe. I have accumulated a lot of files. I really wish the backers could muster an army in just a few months.

And at the same time I continue to work on the game. Once I'm properly installed everything will go really fast.

See you soon!

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