Reenact the Norman Conquest with Medbury Miniatures' Norman Soldiers and 11th Century Ceorl Warriors

Step into the tumultuous era of the 11th century and relive the historic invasion of England by the Normans with the latest additions to our miniature collection at Proxywars. Medbury Miniatures brings you meticulously crafted Norman Soldiers and 11th Century Ceorl Warriors, perfect for recreating the events of the Norman Conquest in historical wargaming, such as the popular game Saga. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of this period, filled with conflict, conquest, and the rise of William the Conqueror. Explore our website at to discover these exceptional 3D-printed miniatures.

The 11th century was a time of great upheaval in England, with the Norman Conquest being one of the most significant events in its history. In 1066, William, Duke of Normandy, led an ambitious expedition to claim the English throne. This momentous campaign culminated in the Battle of Hastings, a legendary clash that forever changed the course of English history. The Normans, renowned for their disciplined and heavily armored soldiers, faced off against the English forces led by Harold II, the last Anglo-Saxon king.

Medbury Miniatures has meticulously recreated the Norman soldiers who played a pivotal role in the Battle of Hastings and subsequent campaigns. These miniatures capture the essence of the Norman warriors with their distinctive conical helmets, chainmail, and kite-shaped shields. With their swords, spears, and deadly archery, the Normans showcased their military prowess on the battlefield. Whether you're recreating the Battle of Hastings or other historical scenarios, these miniatures bring authenticity and depth to your wargaming experience.

In addition to the Norman soldiers, Medbury Miniatures also offers 11th Century Ceorl Warriors, representing the English forces that valiantly defended their land against the Norman invaders. These sturdy and courageous fighters, armed with spears, axes, and shields, embody the spirit of resistance during the turbulent times of the Norman Conquest. Strategically deploy them on the gaming table to recreate historical clashes and explore alternative outcomes of this momentous conflict.

The Life and Legacy of William the Conqueror: At the center of the Norman Conquest stands William, known as William the Conqueror or William I. This charismatic leader and skilled military tactician forever altered the political and cultural landscape of England. From the moment he set foot on English soil, William's determination to claim the throne shaped the destiny of both the Normans and the English. Dive into the rich historical narrative surrounding William's life, his triumph at the Battle of Hastings, and the establishment of Norman rule in England.

Your Gateway to Historical Wargaming: At Proxywars, we take pride in offering high-quality 3D-printed miniatures that capture the essence of historical eras. Our collaboration with Medbury Miniatures brings you an immersive experience of the Norman Conquest and the 11th century. Visit our website at to explore our extensive collection of miniatures and find the perfect additions for your historical wargaming endeavors. Immerse yourself in the era of the Norman Conquest and create captivating narratives on the gaming table.

Unleash the power of history on your gaming table with Medbury Miniatures' Norman Soldiers and 11th Century Ceorl Warriors. Relive the dramatic events of the Norman Conquest, from the Battle of Hastings to the rise of William the Conquer

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