New futuristic latino biome in the boxes

Hey everyone!

I'm excited to share with you a project I've been working on for a while now. I'm currently in the process of creating a new set of 3D printable STL files for tabletop gaming. This set includes modular buildings for use with the WTC rule format, as well as bases for miniatures. In the second part, I'll be showcasing some easy-to-build and modular buildings inspired by a hypothetical futuristic Latin American culture.

Thanks to the support of my backers, I've been able to invest in some top-of-the-line equipment which has made this project run smoothly. The development process has been quite a journey, but it's been a lot of fun too. I'm excited to finally be able to share it with you all.

I'm happy to announce that this set will be available for download in July. Additionally, I'm excited to reveal that I'll be collaborating with another creator for the first part of this set. We'll be showcasing some incredible models that I know you'll all love.

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks into this project. Thank you for your support and I can't wait to see what you all create with these models.

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