My Journey with City Builder's Kickstarter

As the final days of the City Builder Kickstarter campaign approach, I want to take a moment to reflect on this incredible journey we've embarked on together. It's been a period of intense personal growth, development, and, most importantly, community building.

My Progress and Your Impact

Since launching this campaign, I've been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm from all of you. Your feedback has been the fuel for long nights and busy days, pushing me to develop and refine the WYSIWYG system. This tool is now more user-friendly and robust, thanks to your suggestions and encouragement.

Stretch Goals and Innovations

Your support has helped unlock several stretch goals, broadening the scope and depth of our biomes. I've also been hard at work on new features, like the flat structure options, which aim to make your printing and assembly process as smooth as possible. These advancements are all about enhancing your experience and the versatility of our models.


The Final Countdown

As we count down the last days, I'm filled with a mix of excitement and a bit of nervous anticipation. There's still time to join this project and make a difference. Whether you've been with me from the start or just discovered the campaign, your support is invaluable.

A Heartfelt Thank You 

I can't express enough how much your support has meant to me. Every pledge, share, and word of encouragement has brought this project closer to reality. You've not just helped bring a product to life; you've been part of creating a tool that will enhance gaming tables and imaginations worldwide.

Join Me in These Final Moments

Visit our Kickstarter page to learn more and contribute. Let's make these last days count and finish strong, ready for the next chapter in our creative journey.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure. Here's to the final days and the exciting developments ahead!

Warm regards,

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