Military base Kickstarter last days! more biomes to come.

Dear Backers,

We're in the home stretch with just 3 days left, and thanks to your incredible support, we've unlocked almost all stretch goals, adding the Infantry Combat Vehicle, Ground Textures, and Interior Walls to our files. 

Unlocked !

Your commitment means the world to me, especially as I've spent the past two weeks immersed in refining the wargame rules, testing battle scenarios with my sons, and advancing my personal project for a table themed around "The Outpost". The simple yet effective color scheme I've stumbled upon has been a joy to paint.

Some personnal project from previous biomes

In addition to these developments, I've also enriched the "Cinan Haven Biome" files with a new obelisk. It's always rewarding to revisit and expand upon our previous biomes. 

Additional free content for Cinan Haven biome

This week, my focus will be on crafting larger building structures to beautifully complete the military biome. While it's unlikely these will be unlocked as stretch goals, I'll certainly make the files available as soon as they're ready, allowing you to print them even if integrating them into the WYSIWYG system may not be feasible.

Your unwavering support and enthusiasm reassure me about the future and the continuation of our biomes. Thank you for being such an integral part of this journey. Your dedication inspires me to keep creating and adding to our shared universe.

Monthly miniatures

Warmest regards,

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