Future of Warfare in Progress

Greetings, fellow creators and enthusiasts of the Damocles project,

In our latest Kickstarter update, we are thrilled to announce that we are in the final stages of preparing the incredible array of content that we've been working on tirelessly. The excitement is palpable as we gear up to bring you the finest in futuristic warfare, featuring a mesmerizing collection of tanks, troops, and towering structures that will redefine your tabletop battles.

Expanding the Armory with Mighty Tanks

One of the most exciting highlights of this campaign has undoubtedly been the introduction of our formidable tanks. These mechanized behemoths are poised to change the course of battles and add an entirely new dimension to your miniature wargaming experiences. As we near the campaign's conclusion, we are working diligently to ensure that these tank models are of the highest quality, ready to be 3D printed and assembled.

From the sturdy Oldphant to the agile Huntas and the versatile Rakujitsu, our tanks offer a diverse range of strategic options. These tanks will soon be at your command, ready to lead your forces to victory or defend against relentless adversaries.

Delving into the Damocles Universe

While crafting these awe-inspiring models, I've also dedicated considerable time to enriching the lore of the Damocles universe. The Damocles narrative unfolds in a futuristic world filled with intrigue, ambition, and relentless warfare. It's a realm where powerful factions vie for control, where heroes and villains emerge, and where every battle tells a story.

We can't wait to share more about the Damocles universe with you, including the rich history, the factions in play, and the epic battles that shape its destiny. Stay tuned for exciting updates as we explore this compelling backdrop in greater depth.

The Path Forward

As we make the final preparations for delivering the Damocles content, we also want to extend our gratitude to our backers. Your unwavering support and enthusiasm throughout this campaign have been nothing short of inspiring. We appreciate your patience and understanding, especially as we address payment issues for some backers.

To those backers who were unable to pledge via Kickstarter, we are taking steps to ensure you won't miss out. We will soon be opening a temporary late pledge option, allowing you to secure your rewards. If you find yourself in this situation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Due to Kickstarter's limitations, we are unable to contact you first, but we genuinely want to ensure you can join our campaign.

Join Us on the Frontlines

As the Kickstarter campaign draws to a close, we want to express our deepest thanks to each and every one of you. Your commitment fuels our passion, driving us to deliver top-quality content that will elevate your tabletop experiences. The final stretch of this journey promises to be the most thrilling yet, as we delve further into the Damocles universe and prepare to ship these incredible models.

Stay connected with us on our journey, follow the development of Damocles, and be prepared for an immersive gaming experience like no other. Keep an eye on our website, social media channels, and Kickstarter updates for more exciting news, lore reveals, and previews of the fantastic content coming your way.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure. Together, we're shaping the future of miniature wargaming.

Warm regards,


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