Cinan part 2 and some painted stuff

I just added a new Stl huge set.

Are you fascinated by ancient Egyptian cities and futuristic cyborgs? Look no further than this exciting Kickstarter for modular buildings printable in PLA and Resin using 3D printing technology!
Immerse yourself in an extraordinary world where ancient and future collide in a stunning display of creativity. These modular buildings are customizable and perfect for use in tabletop gaming, dioramas or as collectible art pieces.
The designs are highly detailed and expertly crafted with Egyptian motifs and cybernetic elements, creating a unique aesthetic that is sure to impress.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind creation that will transport you to a world unlike any other - back in time to ancient Egypt, while remaining firmly rooted in the future. Back this Kickstarter now and let your imagination soar!
These modular buildings are designed to be compatible with most tabletop games or used for decoration in your own home. The 3D printable STL files allow you to print and assemble your own unique city designs, limited only by your imagination.
But that's not all - this project also features STL miniatures of Cinan War drones, heavily used in a desperate battle for survival! These highly detailed drones showcase intricate design work and details that will bring excitement and life to any game.
Whether you're a fan of ancient history or a sci-fi enthusiast, this Kickstarter has something for everyone who loves the intersection of ancient and modern cultures. So why not back it today and start building your own futuristic ancient Egyptian city and lead your army of Cinan War drones to victory?

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