What is Damocles?

So far we've talked about it, but what exactly is Damocles. It is a globalized planet while being divided into dozens of factions fighting for survival.

Formerly the clans fought for power and honor. Then came the first foreigners, paving the way for a non-human culture that brought peace and prosperity. For a time almost all the inhabitants of Damocles were linked by a common culture and religion. A kind of golden age.

Then came the invaders, jealous and ruthless humans from nearby planets. The chaotic battles that followed, like their own dissensions, did not allow them to take full control of the planet. Even if their influence is now preponderant. Although united in principle in an order mixing the old customs and those which they brought, they are divided like the old clans.

Two centuries after the conquest, the planet suffers more than ever the consequences of the pollution generated by the previous major conflict. The last indigenous clans like the new kingdoms, each linked by a complex network of interests and alliances are preparing for a new global war. While some fear a new invasion or the resurgence of an ancient hidden power.