Next Kickstarter begin soon

Hi everyone!

WTC terrain kickstarter

I'm working on the files for the next kickstarter.

It will be an extension of the first one with more decorative assets like boxes barrels and WTC shape easy to build ruins. Along with all you need to set a WTC table.
GW minis for scale purpose only.
2 More biomes will be unlockable as stretch goals.
Main files are already done. I keep working to civil and military files (around 30% left).

Damocles part 1 last patch

I'm also spending much time on a simplified modular system that will be include in the last pacth of 1st part damocles kickstarter. You will get pregenerated building shapes (at least 16) with floor and pilliars and where you just have to insert the 3x3 walls that you select and print separatly.
You will also be able to print military easy to build tables in no time. A fast painting tutorial will be on youtube soon.

Happy printing all!


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